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At some point during your stay, you're going to curl up in bed and catch some much needed zzzz's. But being in an unfamiliar environment can make it hard for some of us to fall asleep. The Sandman amenity will help comfort and relax our guests into a sweet, sweet slumber. Choose from a "sleep menu" listing items for purchase or rental. One quick call to IRD and we'll deliver a sprinkle of sleep dust that will chill out any insomniac:

  • Extra Firm Pillow: complimentary rental
  • Blanket: complimentary rental
  • Sound Machine: complimentary rental
  • Humidifier: complimentary rental
  • Ear Plugs: complimentary
  • Eye Mask: $4
  • Chamomile Tea: $4
  • Hot Toddy: $11
  • Bottle of Relax Wine: $40
  • Lullaby: Priceless


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